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Key Tracking Software

Shouldn’t managing keys and key holders be simple?

A key control system is only perfect on the first day it’s installed. Keys are issued out and the location is secured, but over time, these best made plans fall short of staying accurate and secure. If you don’t have the right tools and procedures in place, it can quickly become disorganized, leaving you vulnerable.

Keeping track of who has what restricted keys, following master key system best practices, and what they open can be a time-consuming responsibility for someone who administers key systems. Some would like to outsource their key management. That’s why we created a robust key management software solution that helps you quickly organize and track keys and key holders, no matter the size or complexity of your environment. And better yet, our ESG-conscious key management system is accessible from any smart device, so you can have control when you need it most.

In the past 30+ years, we have made the lives of administrators much easier through technology. We’ve curated examples of how we have done this in many different environments for your education. We can help you organize and manage key distribution, standardize key management, own your own key records, make master key systems even more efficient, and even take care of key system administration as if the key system was our own. Click on what you would like to accomplish below and read on.

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