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Individually Serialized, Restricted Keys

Can you control your keys?

Many mechanical keys are uncontrolled and easily accessible or duplicable. Not InstaKey keys.

Our keyways are restricted, meaning the key blanks themselves are not available on the open market. Local locksmiths and hardware stores are unable to acquire them, thus limiting unauthorized duplication opportunities and providing better controls.

On top of that, each InstaKey key blank is stamped with a unique serial number, recording when and how it was cut, and who it was issued to, giving it a distinct fingerprint. This added security alleviates concerns as to the key authenticity and initial issuance. With every key fingerprint databased, key blanks, key holders, and access points can all be better managed.

A simple best practice with serialized, restricted keys is to get your keys back upon key holder separation. By tracking that unique key, it becomes much simpler to maintain control.

User-Rekeyable Locks

What happens when you lose a key and must change your locks?

Our re-imagined lock hardware can be changed, or rekeyed, without locksmith assistance, additional locks, or secondary tools. A single turn of a step change key is all that is needed to change, or rekey, an InstaKey lock. This can be completed up to 12 times in each lock. Our hardware has been designed retrofit into much of the lock types you already have installed.

Can you imagine rekeying your own locks for the cost of a new set of keys instead of purchasing new hardware or calling a locksmith for service?

Key Management Platform

Do you have a cloud-based platform that manages the keying system data while helping to prevent unnecessary expenses?

Our key management platform,, is cloud-based and designed to streamline your information and provide visibility into all key system tracking. Whether it’s key holder administration, keyed access controls, or order tracking, it utilizes visual analytics to present actionable data on where to improve your program’s performance – all to save you expense while increasing your efficiency. Would you like a better way to organize and manage your program data?

Administered Program Partnership

Do you have a team devoted to helping you maintain and improve your key control?

Our trained professionals are here to support all aspects of your keying systems. From program development through implementation and long after that, they take care of you and your organization. You can count on them to handle the administration or just share industry best practices. Whatever you may need for key control, we’re here to help.