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Are you still waiting for a locksmith to change your locks? Why?

Nobody likes waiting. It’s inconvenient. It’s a waste of time. And, if you’re in charge of your organization’s security, you know that it can be downright dangerous.

When keys go missing, locks become compromised. When locks become compromised, the people and assets they protect are vulnerable. You have to ask yourself:

  • Is it safe for you or your employees to wait for a locksmith after hours?
  • How do you protect your assets while you are waiting for the locksmith or new lock hardware from a supplier?

 The sooner you can shore up the vulnerabilities, the better.

If you call a locksmith for help, you’re going to wait. It could be hours; it could even be days. What it won’t be is immediate.

At InstaKey, we understand the urgency of this scenario. That’s why we designed our technology to allow for immediate rekeying. Your staff can rekey the locks themselves, as soon as you realize a key is missing. Tip: Practice getting restricted keys back from transitioning key holders so a rekey is not necessary.

Our user-rekeyable locks don’t require tools or additional hardware. The process is quick and simple.

  1. Insert a Step Change Key into the targeted lock.
  2. Turn it 180 degrees to the right, then turn it back to the left 180 degrees, ending in the starting position.
  3. As you remove the Step Change Key, you’ll notice a tiny pin fall out. That indicates a completed rekey. Try an old operating key to make sure it doesn’t work.

In a moment — much less than the time it would take to make a call to a locksmith, let alone sit and wait for one — the lock is re-secured, like new. If you can turn a key, you can rekey your locks, instantly.


Curious to see InstaKey’s user-rekeyable locks in action? We have a video that breaks down the process in detail. Plus, there’s another video showing the benefits of InstaKey to businesses in industries with high employee turnover, such as retail.

Save Money with User Rekeyable Locks

Not only is the InstaKey method faster, it’s cheaper. Locksmith fees — which include both service and hardware — start at hundreds of dollars and can easily reach into the thousands. For example, by the eighth time you’ve called a locksmith to rekey, you’re looking at a bill for around $1,300, adding up each visit, for one location. Multiply that by the number of locations you have, and the cost for locksmith callouts can be staggering. 

Costs with InstaKey, on the other hand, are much less steep. How does that same amount of rekeys compare? Initial installation costs are slightly more expensive than traditional key systems, but by reykey No. 8, you would have only spent $400 for rekeys, all added together, for one location. That’s a savings of $900. Of course, rekey costs will vary depending on the size and design of your key system, but we can assure you that you will be saving money with InstaKey.

All in all, calling a locksmith is not worth the risk, hassle, cost or time.

When keys go missing and locks become compromised, you can’t afford to wait on a locksmith to show up and rekey them. And you don’t have to.


Of course, InstaKey isn’t just for retail businesses. Our technology can help any number of public/governmental organizations. Here’s an example case study of the difference InstaKey made for a public school district in Colorado.


 Satisfied InstaKey customers include both Sprint Nextel and Ann Taylor. Check out these articles from Chain Store Age Magazine and STORES Magazine to learn more about how we helped these companies improve their key control and bolster their security.