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Increase Security

Is your lock and key program a liability?

Security innovations are becoming impressively advanced. Locks and keys aren’t thought to be included in this elite group, but maybe they should be. InstaKey re-imagined lock hardware so you can be able to change your own locks when your keys are out of control.

There are a number of key control components that contribute to a company's overall physical security. And integrating key control best practices into your physical security system can have financial benefits alongside contributing to your loss prevention.

Unauthorized key duplication is a common pitfall of traditional key systems because taking a key to the local hardware store or locksmith to be copied is easy and it leaves your assets vulnerable. Even if you get the key back from your key holder, can you be sure they didn’t make a copy of it? If not, then you would have to change your locks and rekey your facility. How long can you wait to secure your facility? Should you have to wait for a locksmith or new hardware from a supplier?

It’s time you look for a solution that resolves these concerns in one program. InstaKey eliminates unauthorized key duplication because our key blanks are not available to local hardware stores or locksmiths, so a copy can’t be made. When you get a key back, you know it is the original because each key has a distinct serial number fingerprint. But, what happens when keys aren’t returned? InstaKey’s lock technology allows you to rekey or change the lock with a single key turn that takes only a couple of seconds to complete with a rekeyable key core, even when rekeying a master key lock. No more lag time leaving your facility unsecure.

Over the past 30 years, our innovative Pin StackKeyControl® Program has kept facilities confidently secure. We’ve compiled examples from many different key programs for your education. Click on your primary area of concern and let us show you how we can help.


Eliminate Unauthorized Key Duplication


Improve Key Holder Compliance

immediate rekey

Immediate Rekey