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Eliminating Interchangeable Core

Spend Less Time and Money on Your Core Swap Program

Interchangeable cores were invented to avoid the hassle of calling a professional locksmith every time a rekey was necessary. Instead, you can remove the key core on your own and easily replace it with a new one, streamlining the rekeying process. 

Implementing a core swap program sounds simple, but is it the most efficient key management for your business? How much of your time is used on inventory management — creating and maintaining storage, matching up core and key sets, tracking where they went, or who has them? While interchangeable cores eliminate the need for a professional locksmith, they aren’t the easiest or most efficient key control method for handling necessary rekeys. 

Interchangeable Cores and Storage

One of the biggest inefficiencies when it comes to interchangeable cores is finding the secure space to store additional key cores. As any key system administrator knows, rekeys are inevitable. When you utilize interchangeable cores in your facilities, you need to have backup key cores on-hand to be prepared for a rekey. This is very inefficient key control which costs your business time and money. 

Particularly for larger facilities or multi-site businesses, having key cores on-hand can require a considerable amount of storage and management. Every core and associated keys need to be kept track of, labeled, and securely stored. When you have a large number of entry points into your business and many key holders with varying levels of access, your key cores and associated keys can require a huge amount of storage and upkeep. And the time and money spent managing your interchangeable cores only grows with your business.

Interchangeable Cores and Security

Utilizing interchangeable cores for your key control also opens up a potential loss of security depending on your key management. If you don’t have the space for storing replacement key cores and rely on ordering replacement cores as needed, you leave your facilities vulnerable to a keyed security breach while you wait for new key cores to be shipped. Depending on your key system provider, a shipment may take one to two weeks, leaving your facilities vulnerable while you wait.

User-Rekeyable Cylinders are the Answer

Interchangeable cores were invented in the early 1900s. Lock and key innovation has continued since then, creating a better core for your key management. You can eliminate the management of cores and keys altogether with user-rekeyable interchangeable cores. User rekeyable cylinders allow businesses to change the locks up to nine times without needing to remove the key core from the locking hardware. A lock can be re-keyed easily by inserting and turning a Step Change Key 180°. After a lock is changed, the old keys are no longer functional and new keys are issued from a supplied Rekeying Kit with your rekeyable lock program.

InstaKey Case Studies

InstaKey has helped many businesses eliminate their costly and inefficient core swap programs in order to eliminate much of the need to manage cores altogether. The case studies below highlight the time and money saving potential of eliminating interchangeable cores and utilizing user-rekeyable cylinders in their place.