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Give key holders a share of the responsibility to keep your facility secure

InstaKey recommends key issuance processes that link the key holder to the key. No matter the size or complexity of your key system, these simple processes improve the key holder’s ownership of that key. What if you could record the key holder, what key they have, and what locks those keys operate digitally, or by signature receipt? By having each key holder sign for the unique serial numbered key, you create a transactional record that holds them accountable. In this transactional process, the key holder accepts responsibility for the key, what it accesses, and their agreement to return that key upon separation with your company. By getting a restricted key back upon separation, you don’t need to change the locks or rekey the facility. Make it part of your environment to get keys back upon transitions.

Here is a collection of content explaining the key issuance processes and their benefits.