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Frequently Asked Questions

How can “Key Control” help my organization?

Management of every key, every key-holder and every secured location is the foundation of any security system. Your Security Manager can now administer/monitor his/her key control program at any time, from any location. InstaKey allows him/her to immediately deal with lost or stolen keys, prevent unauthorized key copies and update lock and key security on a real time basis.

Our organization already has a card access system, entrance alarms, and other types of security equipment. Do we really need InstaKey®?

Yes. Mechanical keys are likely to be found even in the most sophisticated of security programs (as overrides to electronic devices, cabinets, interior doors, etc.). As such, they are equally as important as any other cornerstone of your program. A weakness in any portion of your security foundation is a weakness in the total security program.

Our facility/requirements are very specialized. Does InstaKey® have the experience to handle our unique needs?

Yes. InstaKey’s clients come from every industry (large corporate headquarters, multi-site fast food, retailing, high security government agencies, colleges and universities, military installations, etc.) each with its own unique set of circumstances around which its key system must be tailored. InstaKey, the company, has over twenty years of system design experience that has been honed to hear the needs first and facilitate its tools and designs to those needs.

Do I have to buy new locks or special door hardware in order to transition to InstaKey®?

No. InstaKey supplies a broad range of cylinder types. If your locks are in good operating condition, it is likely that only the cylinders are changed to convert to the InstaKey program.

Our organization handles our lock and key requirements internally. Will there still be a need for these employees?

If much of the time of your internal staff is taken up with changing cylinders and cutting keys, there is a certainly an efficiency to be gained with InstaKey. However, InstaKey was not designed to replace people. Rather, it provides new and far more efficient tools to those employees – allowing you to dramatically enhance your security program without increasing staff.

Do we have to convert all at once?

No. The decision to install InstaKey is not disruptive to your organization. It is general accomplished one area at a time, in a planned and organized manner, generally dealing first with those areas of greatest concern or weakest security coupled with your own budget constraints. Our staff has years of experience in analyzing those requirements and making the transition to InstaKey a smooth, non-disruptive process.

What is the cost of InstaKey® products and services?

You won’t find pricing on our website as each client’s environment and requirements are unique. The initial cost to purchase an InstaKey Key Control system is slightly more than the cost of comparable, commercial grade lock cylinders. The cost over time is a small fraction of the cost of managing and maintain a conventional lock system. We would be happy to generate a free quote for your organization. Contact us today!

How does InstaKey® save clients money?

  • No need to call a locksmith when a key is lost or stolen
  • No inventory of cylinders to purchase and store
  • No mass-recall or re-issuance of keys
  • No unidentified keys
  • No unauthorized key holders
  • No unauthorized key copies
  • No breach of security

Can you change an individual door key without changing the master key and vice versa?

Yes. InstaKey allows you to fix only the part that is broken. If a user-level key is lost and thus requires a re-key, only that door is re-keyed. And those particular key holders affected. If a grand master key to the entire building is lost, no person in the building other than holders of the grand master key are affected. There is no need for a mass recall and re-issuance of all keys. No loss of security.

How many times can I rekey an InstaKey® cylinder?

An InstaKey cylinder can be designed with as many as 9-12 changes (steps) depending upon the overall master key requirements. Where those 9-12 steps are allocated (user level, master level, grand master level, etc.) is a function of your requirements. For example, if turnover and lost keys are more prone to occur at the user level, likely the system will be designed to incorporate more steps at the user level.

What happens when we run out of step changes with an InstaKey® cylinder?

InstaKey’s key control program tracks all changes and lets you know well in advance of this occurrence. Simply return the cylinder to InstaKey to have it re-pinned to a new sequence of changes. No more new cylinders to buy.

How large of a key system can be provided?

Virtually unlimited. Some of InstaKey’s customers are among the largest users of master key systems.

Can I speak with existing customers?

Our sales staff can put you in touch with customers within your industry who will be pleased to share their experience with InstaKey.

Can I buy InstaKey® locally? Is there local support?

Yes. InstaKey’s licensed dealer/distributor network is available to support your requirements. For the licensed representative near you, visit our distributor page or call us directly.

What is a “Restricted Keyway”?

A restricted keyway mean that key blanks are NOT available at locksmith shops or hardware stores. Unauthorized key copies cannot be made. The authorized keys that you issue cannot become keys that are copied without your approval.

I’m not sure I have the staff or capacity to manage my own system. Can this function be “out-sourced”?

There are a variety of ways our clients choose to operate their InstaKey systems. Some prefer to manage the entire program themselves. Others desire to have InstaKey or InstaKey’s licensed dealer manage the program for them. Still others have customized programs which share management responsibilities and availability of data. The choice and solution is what you desire.

How do I get started?

Contact our sales staff. They will help you define your organization’s security requirements, employee turnover, building design, administrative controls and everything that may be involved in the system required for your operation. From there, we will help you develop a system and game plan that fits your operation and long term budget. No canned programs, no “one size fits all”. The InstaKey solution is very specific to your security goals.