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Eliminating Locksmith Callouts

It's bound to happen at some point. Keys will go missing, and when they do, you have locks to change. Traditionally, this is a task that you would outsource to a professional locksmith. But, this course of action costs valuable time in the form of waiting, not to mention the expensive bill due at the end. 

Are locksmiths really the most efficient, effective fix available when a key goes missing?

With InstaKey, the power to rekey locks -- and refortify your facility's security - is in your hands. As soon as you discover that rekeying is necessary, you can get to work on changing any and all locks requiring attention. 


The work of rekeying doesn't have to be hard. In fact, our user-rekeyable technology removes all the difficulty from the process.

How so? A simple 180-degree turn of a step change key and the lock is all set. You'll know it worked when you see the pin fall out. That, and the old  keys will no longer operate the lock. Almost as effortlessly as snapping your fingers, you've restored your facility's security.

No need for extra tools. No unnecessary laboring required. No time wasted waiting on a locksmith to arrive, and your facility's vulnerability is addressed immediately. 

Does your facility utilize a master key system? In the past, if you misplaced a master key you were out of luck (and a lot of money). There could be hundreds of locks associated with that key. You don't have to be a mathematician to be certain that the locksmith's rekeying fee will be an exorbitant number -- one you have no interest in paying. Not only can you rekey InstaKey master key systems yourself, but you can rekey each level independently. If you lose a master key, just rekey at the master level. User level keys and key holders will not be affected. 

So, avoid the locksmith altogether. With InstaKey, all it takes is a simple turn of a single key at the master level, and you can rekey locks all by yourself.

Learn other ways InstaKey can reduce key system costs.  


InstaKey offers benefits to businesses in a variety of sectors, including grocery chains, restaurants and retail stores. If your business falls into one of these categories, watch to see how InstaKey can cut costs and improve security.


As they say, time is money. With InstaKey, you save both. Not only are you no longer waiting on a locksmith, you're no longer designating any of your budget to that service either. And the difference in cost is substantial.

Let's compare the specific disparities in cost. With InstaKey in place, your first rekey would cost about $100. The first locksmith callout, on the other hand, would be more than double that amount. The more rekeying you do, the greater the gap in cost becomes - and the more savings you accrue. But, InstaKey's goal is to help you decrease the number of rekeys needed overall, with the implementation of best practices. 

Without InstaKey, costs by the time you have called a locksmith eight times will add up to about $1,300 in total (for one location). Quite a pretty penny. Rekeying one location eight times with InstaKey, you will only have spent about $400 in total. Essentially, rekeying with InstaKey equates to the cost of replacing keys. 

If you need more convincing, here is a collection of content explaining how we can help you invest in better key control. That way you'll be prepared ahead of time and you can eliminate future locksmith expenses from your budget entirely. 


The benefits that InstaKey provides can be make-or-break for the health of your business. These helpful infographics break down the numbers in detail. 


  • $1,068 - how much it can cost to rekey when an average store's master key is lost
  • $47 - how much it would cost to rekey an average supermarket with a master key system, using InstaKey


  • $62,600 - the yearly rekeying cost for a chain with 500 locations and a 63% turnover rate
  • $11,268 - the yearly rekeying cost for that same chain with InstaKey


  • $100,000 - what a retailer with 1,000 locations and a 50% turnover rate would spend on rekeying just the front doors each year
  • $18,000 - the cost for that same retailer if they were rekeying locations with InstaKey

Case Studies

Your organization won't be the first that InstaKey has helped. Here are some real-life examples of our past success stories. For instance, did you know that we have saved Dollar General over $1 million a year in comparison to their previous lock program? Or that Winn-Dixie, after four years with InstaKey, only had to rekey less than 50% of their locations?

Published Articles

Even with more than 30 years in the industry, each article mention means the world to us. STORES Magazine covered Brookstone's conversion to InstaKey and the "collective sigh of relief" we delivered to their loss prevention team. And Loss Prevention Magazine published our story on helping Lucky's Market address PCI compliance challenges with the RemoteLock OpenEdge CG WiFi Smart Lock.