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Shouldn't management of a master key system be easy and cost efficient?  

Do you know how much is actually spent on rekeying locks? If your facilities use locks and keys as the first line of defense, you might not realize the full costs. Maybe the cost isn’t even tracked in your budget. Maybe the costs are just accepted as a cost of doing business.

InstaKey makes managing the security of your lock system easy and sustainable. With locksmith callout rates continuing to increase, and keyholder turnover rates on the rise, costs become overwhelming, especially with multiple locations. Our user rekeyable locksrestricted serialized keys and software that gives you visibility into it all, you can bring down the cost of each rekey. 

With traditional key systems, unauthorized key duplication is a common issue that leaves your assets vulnerable. When a key holder leaves, even if you get the key back from your key holder, can you be sure they didn’t make any copy? That could mean changing your locks or rekeying your facility each time an employee leaves and that just isn't sustainable. 

Security innovations are becoming impressively advanced. Locks and keys aren’t thought to be included in this elite group, but maybe they should be. InstaKey re-imagined lock hardware so you can be able to change your own locks when your keys are out of control.

A key system is only perfect on the first day it’s installed. However, If you don’t have the right tools and procedures in place, it quickly can become disorganized, and potentially leaving your assets in jeopardy.

Keeping track of who has what keys and what they open can be a time-consuming responsibility for someone who administers key systems. That’s why we created a robust key management software solution that helps you quickly organize and track keys and key holders, no matter the size or complexity of your environment. And, better yet, it’s accessible from any smart device, so you can have control when you need it most.

In the past 30+ years, we have made the lives of administrators much easier through technology. Below we’ve curated examples, case studies, and videos of how this has occurred. We can help you organize and manage key distribution, standardize key management, own your own key records, make master key systems even more efficient, and even take care of key system administration as if the key system was our own. Click on what you would like to accomplish below and read on.

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