Key Management at Your Fingertips
If a break-in occurred at your business through unauthorized access with a key, would you be able to determine who may be responsible?
Key Control: Anytime. Anywhere. Any Device.
With®, businesses have real-time access to key system records anytime they need it, from any device.
Reduce Costs Associated with Employee Turnover in Your Restaurant
Learn how InstaKey saves Restaurants time and money.
Making Key Control Simple for the Education Marketplace
Learn how key management can be simplified for Colleges, Universities and K-12 Schools with InstaKey.
InstaKey’s Master System Rekey Demonstration
Learn how to quickly rekey your locks when a Master key goes missing at your facility.
InstaKey’s Animated Key Control Video
Learn how InstaKey helps business owners manage their key control program.
The InstaKey Key Control Program
Learn more about the InstaKey Key Control Program.
What InstaKey Customers Are Saying
Hear what actual InstaKey customers are saying about their Key Control Program.
Key Control Solutions for Retail
InstaKey helps Retailers find solutions for their key management needs.
Rekeyable Lock Program for the Retail Industry
This informative video explains how InstaKey helps Retailers with their Key Control.
Key Control Solutions for Grocery Stores
Turnover vs. the Cost of Rekeying Stats in Grocery
InstaKey’s Fuel Dispenser Lock Program
Protect Your Customer’s Data from credit card skimming at the Fuel Pump.
Rekeying a Storefront Mortise Lock
Learn how to rekey your locks with InstaKey by viewing this short, instructional video.
Key Control Solutions for Public Housing Agencies
InstaKey’s Key Control Program increases security, and provides time and cost savings to Public Housing Agencies.
Rekey Demo
InstaKey Rekeyable Lock Change Demonstration
LPNN Interview
InstaKey Interview on the Loss Prevention News Network.
How to Use a Control Key
Learn how to use a Control Key to remove and insert your lock by viewing this short, instructional video.