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Key Control Efficiency through Digital Resources
– Loss Prevention Magazine (Sept-Oct 2016)
They looked for a program that would centralize management controls on keyed access for 300-plus stores nationwide. The program needed to provide visibility of key holder assignments while saving expense on the number of rekeys taking place. InstaKey’s KeyControl® program was selected and implemented for all stores in 2015.
How Simple Key Control Benefits Retail Store Operations
– 2016 PRSM Best Practices
This simple key holder tracking module has allowed retailers to dramatically reduce rekeying events, improved key holder accountability and compliance, while providing store management with better tools to monitor, measure and leverage procedural compliance and operational expenses.
Great Technology with Great Partnerships
– Loss Prevention Magazine (May-June 2016)
In 2015, Under Armour, a rapidly growing sports clothing and accessory company headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, established a partnership with InstaKey Security Systems to implement a key control solution for 158 stores. The company recognized an opportunity for improvement in its key control to increase its ability to manage records more efficiently and to gain remote access to auditing of store key logs. Under Armour sought to partner with a business that could handle their continuous growth, scale efficiencies of service, and provide the ability to audit remotely.
A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts Digital Key Control Creativity
– Loss Prevention Magazine (March-April 2015)
Over the past two years, A.C. Moore’s Director of Loss Prevention Steven Werner and his team have targeted creative digital solutions to help reduce shrink, improve culture, and streamline data collection. “As loss prevention professionals, we are chartered to do more with less, so you have to be creative,” said Werner. A recent area of focus was to modernize the company’s lock-and-key program.
Solutions Showcase – Weis Markets Focuses on Key Control to Enhance Security
– Loss Prevention Magazine (January-February 2014)
An important challenge facing Michael Limauro, Weis Markets’ vice president of asset protection, when he arrived at the company nearly three years ago, was key control. At the time the grocery stores did not have a standardized key and core access system, prompting him to research new security solutions.
Improving Fuel Dispenser Credit Card Information Security
– Loss Prevention Magazine (May-June 2012)
Due to emerging concerns surrounding credit-card data theft and tampering, Susser Holdings Corporation needed a new security solution. On one level they needed to upgrade or replace their fuel dispensers to meet current regulations, but they also needed an improved physical security lock that controlled personnel access.
A New Program with Structure
– Loss Prevention Magazine (March-April 2012)
Key Control. One of Weis Markets newest initiatives is the chain-wide roll out of InstaKey, an essential key-control program for managing a retail chain with 161 locations. Limauro carefully considered the competing lock-and-key programs before settling on InstaKey
Maximizing Key Control Through Data Management
– Loss Prevention Magazine (Sept-Oct 2010)
Today’s loss prevention professionals are maximizing their use of time and resources through data management and exception-based reporting (EBR). While focusing on EBR shrink loss, inventory management, risk analysis, investigations, and field training, a critical security layer, such as your Lock & Key program, could be potentially overlooked.
Winn Dixie Takes Key Control to a New Level
– Loss Prevention Magazine (May-June 2008)
In today’s environment many asset protection professionals are chartered to improve their location’s physical security and personnel safety while simultaneously assisting store operations with increasing profitability and shrink loss reduction.
Boost Store Security, Lower Costs
– LP Security (August 2007)
As it was reviewing areas to cut costs and improve its store security, Sport Chalet wanted to find a better lock-and-key system for its stores. “Besides the initial cost of the locks, we had to pay a locksmith about $125 per hour plus parts to replace the cores. The InstaKey locking system has the benefits of a removable core locking system without requiring a locksmith.”
InstaKey Product Solves Key-Control Headaches for Loehmann’s
Loss Prevention Magazine (May-June 2007)
When Peter Levy, vice president of loss prevention for Loehmann’s, a national department store, was evaluating the company’s key-control policies and practices twelve months ago, he was frustrated. “The money we were spending on locksmiths and rekeying was out of control…”
How to Pick a Lock
– LP Information Stores Magazine (May 2006)
Loss Prevention professionals generally make news when they catch a thief or break up an organized crime ring, but most believe they have done their job best when they do things that don’t generate headlines – such as implementing programs that deter crime. That’s why Larry Clark is so pleased with the integrated key tracking system developed by Denver-based InstaKey Security Systems.
Under Lock and Key
Key management system saves Sprint Nextel time and money – Chain Store Age (July 2006)
Keeping track of keys and locks is no easy task for retailers, even under the best of circumstances. But it was especially challenging for those with stores in New Orleans in the days following Hurricane Katrina.
Gain Key Control at Your Stores
– Integrated Solutions For Retailers (July 2006)
This 500-store retailer reduced operating expenses and improved security of its stores with a key-management system.
InstaKey Software Manages Your Lock & Key Program for You
– Loss Prevention Magazine (May-June 2006)
Loss prevention professionals have very little time or resources to address, review, or measure their lock & key programs. By evaluating your lock & key program, you can reduce unnecessary expenses per location while simultaneously improving site security.
InstaKey Locks onto a Key Solution for Customers
– Denver Business Journal (November, 2005)
After Hurricane Katrina wrecked New Orleans and the surrounding coastal area, Sprint PCS faced a problem. It needed to get into several stores to survey damage, but its employees — and their keys — were scattered around the region, and communications were difficult at best. Sprint called Denver-based InstaKey Lock Corp., which cut a new master key and sent it overnight to a Sprint employee in Baton Rouge, La. He drove to the New Orleans stores, checked for damage and changed InstaKey’s patented locks on the stores’ doors with a single twist of his wrist, using the new master key.
InstaKey Makes Key Management Simple
– Loss Prevention magazine (July-August 2005)
Today, many retailers are challenged by increasing shrink loss, employee turnover, and locksmith service expenditures. InstaKey® is a proven leader in collecting and maintaining key management information for multi-site operations. The InstaKey program is designed to save retailers time, money, and improve their security program’s first line of defense. This system reduces operating expenses associated with locksmith
Keyed Up to Manage Facility Access
– Nation’s Restaurant News (2005)
Employee turnover and dishonesty among those who have facility keys is a major hassle in the restaurant industry. However, several companies have taken much of the sting out of managing access and tracking possession of keys. Denver-based lock system company InstaKey has developed lock hardware that enables the quick rekeying of locks by store management and a Web-based key management system that tracks exactly who has a specific, nonduplicable serialized InstaKey key.
Dollar General…Key management system saves retailer time, and money
– Chain Store Age (December 2003)
Runaway locksmith expenses are a reality for many chain stores. The combination of high employee turnover and lost keys can make key management not only expensive, but also time-consuming. The scenario is a bit different, however, for Dollar General. The discount retailer utilizes an integrated key-tracking system that combines specially designed hardware with real-time record management via the Internet.
Brookstone Unlocks a Solution for Key Control
– LP Stores (September 2003)
Re-keying system coupled with oursourced database to track incidents and report trends, keeps locksmith bills in check.
Is Your Key Control a Cornerstone or a Liability?
– Professional Retail Store Maintenance Magazine (September 2002)
How to create an integrated program to monitor and control your store’s security.
Lock Up Security
Housing Managers Depend on Centralized Key-Management Systems
Most people have lost or misplaced their keys at one time or another. But imagine you have issued more than 10,000 different keys, and it is your responsibility to know exactly to whom those keys are assigned and to make sure that they are being used by the right person. That’s the job most housing managers have. With thousands of housing units that can turn over on a base several times in several years, it can be an overwhelming task for those overseeing a lock-and- key system.
Rekeying with Class
In the mid-1990’s, the Chula Vista, California, elementary school (K-6) district, now comprising 40 or so schools, decided to modernize its older facilities, which dated back to the 1950s. One aspect of the buildings remained distinctly low tech however; mechanical locks.
– appeared in Security Management Magazine