Public Housing

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Our Key Control Program assists Public Housing Agencies in their goal of providing safe, secure living environments for individuals and families with low incomes.

The primary concern for every Public Housing Agency across the country is the safety and security of their tenants, and of the public assets they are charged to manage and maintain. Public Housing Agencies spend thousands of dollars annually in materials and labor addressing the most basic of needs in safety and security: locks and keys. With traditional keying systems that lack the ability to restrict key duplication, track keys to key holders or locations, and to change a lock in seconds with just the turn of a key, such expenditures are necessary. But with our Key Control Program, Public Housing Agencies have an alternative solution.

Whether you are a Public Housing Executive Director, AMP Leader, or Property Manager, our Key Control Program provides you peace of mind knowing that your Tenants and Agency assets are more secure, and that your lock Program operates more efficiently and cost effectively.  With this Key Control Program in place, you can be confident that:

  • Keys cannot be duplicated without authorization because our key blanks are restricted and individually serialized
  • Costs for housing unit lock changes are controlled because our lock hardware can be quickly and inexpensively transitioned with ‘single key turn’ rekey technology
  • Master keys are not a liability because our rekey technology enables a Master system to be changed at a fraction of the cost and time compared to standard key systems
  • Keying system records are maintained and always accessible on demand, because we offer an invaluable tool for managing property keyed access with our patented, web-based® software.