MilitaryOur Key Control Program supports Civilian and Military Facility Managers of U.S. Military bases, facilities and schools by providing the most efficient and cost effective means available for managing mechanical locks and keys.

We are proud to be working with a number of our U.S. Military institutions in securing some of our Nation’s most valued Military assets. Our restricted, individually serialized keys, in combination with our® key tracking software give Civilian and Military Managers of Military environments complete command of the keyed environments they are assigned to secure and protect.

With our unparalleled key tracking capability, simple and cost saving rekey avenue, and best in class Program support, we provide you with the answers to all of your keyed access questions. Whether you’re the Facilities Director for a Military Academy, or the Civilian Lockshop Manager for an Armed Forces Base, the InstaKey® Security Systems our Key Control Program makes it possible for you to manage locks and keys with seamless precision.