Key Control Software

In understanding the need for “real time” access to information, we patented web based® software to provide a centralized platform for complete Key Control management.


Through a secured 24/7/365 web-based platform, you can quickly and efficiently resolve what key, what specific locations/doors it opens, who is responsible, and what it affects.® software allows you the capability to maintain your Key Control program compliance and manage associated costs.


We structure your data in your terminology and naming conventions.

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Through the integration of your data (Users, Locations, Doors, Keys, and Order History) in simple drop down menu formats, the software displays desirable hierarchical structures and easy to understand key to key holder to door access relationships. This user-friendly format helps you to find information quickly and maintain command over your Program.


Each Member Login receives a three-tiered credential providing distinct software access that can limit views or functionality of systems, users, locations, menus, or specified fields.


Whether conducting key holder audits, sharing security audit information, or measuring program productivity;® software provides the flexibility and integration potential to meet your Key Control Program needs.


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InstaKey’s recent enhancement to their Key Control Program is the addition of a Dashboard in the® software.


This new feature allows Software Users the ability to quickly review and analyze their up-to-date Key Control Program information. The interactive charting displays Rekeying Analysis, Locations Installed, Key Transitions, Current Key Step, and Order Analysis. Each chart reflects the aggregate Key Control information allowing Users the ability to quickly measure, drill down, and react to program non-compliance or exceptions. Through the addition of this new visual display, Key Control Programs become even simpler to manage and utilize. Software Overview


The Advantage of Cloud-based Software for Your Key System Records