Secure Your Gas Station with Key Control

Why Key Control is so Important at the Pump

Credit card skimming and fuel theft are on the rise. It’s no secret that thieves are breaking into fuel dispensers throughout the country at alarming rates. It’s crucial to regulate who has access to fuel dispenser locks at a gas station to prevent unlawful entry and to protect customer’s personal information. It’s also important to consider the security of the keys themselves. Gas station pumps typically utilize a universal key that thieves can easily gain access to the dispenser’s credit card readers with and plant skimming devices with little detection. Universal keys allow for unauthorized duplication of the keys and wrongful entry. Gas station owners should consider distributing a restricted keyway, so that they can rest assured it’s the only one of its kind out there.

InstaKey® Presents a Fuel Dispenser Lock Program

Based on the fundamental components of the Key Control Program that’s been used by Clients for over 30 years, InstaKey® has developed the same technology to secure fuel dispensers. This comprehensive program allows gas station owners the ability to manage access to dispenser locks, and lower the risk of a theft incident occurring. InstaKey’s Key Control Program does this by utilizing 4 unique cornerstones.

  • Restricted, Serialized Keys allow gas station owners to individually assign keys to employees and dealers using a unique identifier stamped on the back of each key. Restricted keyways eliminate the ability for thieves to obtain copies of a key that may access the fuel dispenser.

  • Cloud-based Key Tracking Software allows gas station owners to track each key that has been distributed, and determine which location it belongs to, what that key can access, and who has possession of the key. This information is available via any internet connection, and can be accessed 24/7 with data viewable based on specific user authorization levels.

  • Rekeyable Locks allow gas station owners to rekey their locks immediately in an event that a key is lost or stolen that had access to the fuel dispenser lock. This technology allows for locks to be reset in seconds with the simple turn of a step-change key and renders the old keys useless.

  • Full Program Administration allows gas station owners to call or email a Single Point of Contact InstaKey® representative anytime they have a question or concern about their Key Control Program. Whether it’s setting up your key system, ordering new keys, or troubleshooting, a knowledgeable Account Representative will be there to assist with your needs.

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