Convenience Stores

ConvenienceStoresOur comprehensive Key Control Program addresses the importance of Convenience Stores keyed access needs, and reduces the costs and liabilities normally associated with conventional mechanical key systems.

Conventional keying systems put your store at risk because keys can be copied without your knowledge. Whether locking up your front door, accessing your propane tank cage, or even the fuel dispensers, the easiest way for thieves to strike is to make a copy of your keys without your knowledge.  Over the past 30 years, our innovations and development of our “key control system” has helped thousands of clients improve their location’s security while reducing cost.

Whether you’re a 500 store chain, or a single station store owner, our Key Control program is the most cost-effective card skimming deterrent available on the market. With installations at more than 160,000 retail locations, it’s no wonder our Program is the lock of choice for many C-Store businesses. If you haven’t yet secured your dispensers, or you are rekeying your stores, consider our solution. Let this Program provide you peace of mind while reducing your costs.