Our Key Control Program provides a mechanical security layer for all electronic card access systems that are managed by Security and Real Estate Facility Managers.  With the ability to integrate Key Control and card access system information together, a Security or Real Estate Facility Manager’s responsibility is streamlined, reducing time and resources necessary to track keys to locations, and to the personnel who should be carrying them.

With continual personnel and contractor turnover, wouldn’t you like to know who is carrying a specific key, what it accesses, and have a cost-effective resolution if it’s returned?

Our patented® key tracking software is the only web-based platform available for tracking Key Control data.  This easy to use, internet accessible management tool organizes all of the information relevant to your keyed access environment, and enables you to instantly know which of our restricted, individually serialized keys operate any location in your system and who should be carrying them. Key restriction ensures keys cannot be duplicated without your authorization, and individual serialization provides the means for you to track them to locations and personnel using your customized information. And, in the event that any key becomes compromised, our Program provides you the means for immediate resolution with a cost and time saving ‘single key turn’ rekey avenue. Master keys are no longer a cost-prohibitive liability because our rekey technology enables a Master system to be changed at a fraction of the cost and time compared to standard key systems without affecting any other level of key.

With hundreds or even thousands of locations, not to mention the number of doors to manage; Security and Real Estate Facility Managers can simplify and modernize all Key Control procedures with our Program’s customized “best practice” solutions.

With this Key Control Program in place, you can be confident that:

  • Keys cannot be duplicated without authorization because our key blanks are restricted and individually serialized;
  • Costs for location’s lock changes are controlled because our lock hardware can be quickly and inexpensively transitioned with ‘single key turn’ rekey technology;
  • Keying system records are maintained and always accessible on demand, because we offer an invaluable tool for managing keyed access with our patented, web-based® software, and
  • Data integration between our systems can help to streamline your operational efficiency.