Rekeyable Locks

RekeyableLocksShadowedIf a key is lost or stolen, do you have a quick and cost effective rekey avenue?


We Do!



Through technological innovation, our lock cylinders can be rekeyed up to twelve (12) times with just a “single key turn”. This simple on demand solution results in meaningful reductions in cost and time required for your lock changes. There is no need for a locksmith call out or additional lock hardware. With just a 180° turn of a specialized Step Change key, the lock cylinder is rekeyed.


This rekeying technology also incorporates a revolutionary independence between the need to rekey Master and User level keying series, resulting in only having to replace the key level that was lost or unaccounted for. We also provide four different lock cylinder types allowing for retrofit capability into over 90% of existing lock hardware.

Easy Lock Rekeying Solutions