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Why Do Government Clients Choose InstaKey® Security Systems?

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We develop Key Control Programs for Government Clients that address their specific needs of the Government Facility, Municipality, Military, or Public Housing keyed access environment.

Whether you are the Security Director for a Federal or Municipal institution, a Civilian Facilities Manager for a U.S. Military base, or an Executive Director for a Public Housing Agency, our specialized Key Control Programs are designed to provide you the most efficient and cost effective means possible for managing and administering mechanical locks and keys, regardless of key system size or complexity.

With our Key Control Program available under a multi-year General Services Administration (GSA) contract, you can maximize the benefits while acquiring the most comprehensive key control solution available.

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Program Development

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Our Programs developed for Clients in the Government marketplace incorporate proven Key Control cornerstones to ensure ongoing system stability, consistency, and cost savings.

By integrating the four fundamental components of Restricted and Individually Serialized Keys, a simple, cost-effective Rekey Avenue, the only web-accessible Key Tracking Software platform available, and unparalleled support dedicated to Program Administration, each Program is uniquely suited to solve your specific keyed access needs.

We begin with providing restricted, serialized keys that enhance your key holder’s accountability by improving their ownership of a specific identifiable key. Then, when a key is lost or stolen, the rekeyable lock cylinders enable immediate rekeying onsite. With a simple “single key turn” of a specialized “step change” key and issuance of new keys, your location is secured. Next, we manage all of your Key Control information in the only patented, web-based software platform, allowing you the flexibility to access and manage information at any time. And finally, it’s our commitment to consistent administration practices and data sharing that lets you manage your Key Control audit history creating visibility to who has access to which areas in ‘real time’, while re-enforcing consistent standards for each key holder’s compliance. It is our Program’s data management capability and information sharing that modernizes the overall effectiveness of your Key Control program solution.


"We needed to improve the safety in our properties, reduce operating expenses, and increase Maintenance Department personnel productivity. We met all three objectives. Working with Tony was a pleasure. He professionally followed-up to keep projects moving forward. He explored alternate solutions helping to overcome temporarily truncated projects. Our Maintenance Department personnel are very satisfied working with Tony and his colleagues at InstaKey. Based on his past performance, we are moving forward with several new projects. Engaging Tony to help you with implementing a restricted keyway system will be worth your time."

Anthony Vasiliou, Executive Director – Milford Redevelopment and Housing Partnership

"[Our InstaKey Sales Representative] is a detailed oriented sales manager that wanted to make sure that the product fit our needs, met our specifications, and actually worked the way that we expected. [InstaKey] is an excellent product that provides security for all of our units, and a satisfaction of security for all of our clients knowing that they have the only key issued to that residence."

Glen Redding, Executive Director – Stillwater Housing Authority

“By logging on to my tracking report, I can see which keys belong to which room instantly. This system is now very simple; we are able to change the entire system with the turn of another key.”

1st Lieutenant Sean Dalton, Building Manager, United States Naval Academy
Defense Communities Magazine – Article “Lock Up Security”, May-June 2005

“The InstaKey® Security System is easy to use and understand. The program is user-friendly, needs little support, and my management time for key control has been substantially reduced.”

Chief Petty Officer Donny Thomas, Building Manager, United States Naval Academy
Market Research, February 2003

“InstaKey® gives us total security, saves us time, and money.”

Rolla McCoy, Facilities Manager, Fort Leonardwood Military Housing
Market Research, February 2003

Case Studies
U.S. Naval Academy
  Conversion from Conventional Cylinders

In 1994, Congress began appropriating budget for the first renovations to the US Naval Academy at Annapolis in over 40 years. One of the components USNA base command was extremely interested in addressing in the renovations was the base keying system.document iconread more…

Daytona Beach Housing Authority
  Conversion from Conventional Cylinders

In May of 2000, the Daytona Beach Housing Authority installed InstaKey in the 300 units of the Windsor and Maley senior living apartment complexes after reviewing the InstaKey Program, and determining that it provided a number of measurable advantages over the previous keying system.document iconread more…

Live Oak Housing Authority
  Conversion from Conventional Cylinders

Management of the Housing Authority of the City of Live Oak was introduced to the Instakey Security Systems Key Control Program at the 2008 FAHRO Annual Conference. Executive management for a previous InstaKey Housing Client, the Daytona Beach Housing Authority, had recommended the InstaKey Program… document iconread more…

Lemmon Housing Authority
  Conversion from Conventional Cylinders

After review at the MPRC NAHRO conference, Executive Management presented information on the InstaKey Program to the Lemmon Housing Authority Board of Directors. The Lemmon Housing Authority had a need to replace a series of outdated keying systems, some of which had Master keys that had become compromised… document iconread more…

Mississippi Regional Housing Authority IV
  Conversion from Conventional Cylinders

After review at the MAHRO Maintenance Conference, MRHA IV Maintenance management determined that the InstaKey Program had a number of significant advantages over their current keying system… document iconread more…

Oklahoma City Housing Authority
  Conversion from Conventional Cylinders

In February of 2010, Oklahoma City Housing Authority Maintenance Supervisors were introduced to the Instakey Security Systems Key Control Program at the Southwest NAHRO Annual Maintenance Conference. After thorough review at the conference, the Maintenance Supervisors presented information on the InstaKey Program to OCHA Executive Management, and consensus was reached that InstaKey would be a significant improvement over their current keying system… document iconread more…

Ringling Housing Authority
  Conversion from Interchangeable Core (SFIC)

After review at the Southwest NAHRO Maintenance Conference, Executive Management decided that the InstaKey Key Control Program would be a marked improvement over the Agency’s existing Falcon interchangeable core system…
document iconread more…

West Palm Beach Housing Authority
  Conversion from Conventional Cylinders

Executive Management for a previous InstaKey Housing Client, the Daytona Beach Housing Authority, had recommended the InstaKey Program to the Management of the West Palm Beach Housing Authority… document iconread more…