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Why Do Commercial Clients Choose InstaKey® Security Systems?

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We develop customized Key Control Programs for Commercial Clients that address their specific needs of the Commercial Office, Property Management, and Real Estate keyed access environment.

Whether you are the Facility Manager for a large Commercial Office, a Property Manager for multiple properties, or an Executive Director for a corporate Real Estate team, our specialized Key Control Programs are designed to provide you the most efficient and cost effective means possible for managing and administering mechanical locks and keys, regardless of key system size or complexity. Our specialized Program allows your administrators to control keyed access, manage who has which keys, and better protect your Tenants and company assets, while giving you peace of mind knowing that your Program operates more efficiently and cost effectively.

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Program Development

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Our Programs developed for Clients in the Commercial marketplace incorporate proven Key Control cornerstones to ensure ongoing system stability, consistency, and cost savings.

By integrating the four fundamental components of Restricted and Individually Serialized Keys, a simple, cost-effective Rekey Avenue, the only web-accessible Key Tracking Software platform available, and unparalleled support dedicated to Program Administration, each Program is uniquely suited to solve your specific keyed access needs.

We begin with providing restricted, serialized keys that enhance your key holder’s accountability by improving their ownership of a specific identifiable key. Then, when a key is lost or stolen, the rekeyable lock cylinders enable immediate rekeying onsite. With a simple “single key turn” of a specialized “step change” key and issuance of new keys, your location is secured. Next, we manage all of your Key Control information in the only patented, web-based software platform, allowing you the flexibility to access and manage information at any time. And finally, it’s our commitment to consistent administration practices and data sharing that lets you manage your Key Control audit history creating visibility to who has access to which areas in ‘real time’, while reenforcing consistent standards for each key holder’s compliance. It is our Program’s data management capability and information sharing that modernizes the overall effectiveness of your Key Control program solution.


“Both [Facility and Security] groups saw the accountability and savings offered by the InstaKey Program. InstaKey . . . has cut down on expenditures for locks and keys. Keys are not lost, and we don’t have to replace locks. The software allows us to track keys by department and identify which key goes to what door.”

“I sleep better at night knowing that we have the ability to track keys and users, and that if we find keys we can return them to the proper user. Our business is to care for sick and injured patients. They rely on us to keep them safe. If they don’t feel safe, they won’t choose to stay at our hospital.”

Jack Cherry, Security Supervisor – Cape Cod Hospital

“InstaKey’s rekeying process is ‘tremendously simple’ and we were able to maintain confidentiality when only the grand master key holders were affected. There was no disruption to our Operations, no distributing out hundreds of new keys or changing out all the locks, and it provided the most simple and cost effective way to restore security. But the best part is that you wouldn’t believe what it cost. I think our response was, are you kidding, it is only the cost of the next set of keys? Wow!”

“I would recommend that any corporate or small business administrator look into InstaKey’s Key Control program services. It’s well worth your investment.”

Angela Wells, Vice President of Administration – Planned Parenthood of The Rocky Mountains

Verizon Communications (over 20,000 locations throughout the United States)

“How could anyone be dissatisfied with InstaKey®? A great product, a great company, and outstanding service.”

Paul Wimbert, Director of Security, Verizon Communications
Customer Feedback Survey, June 2009

Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control (Manufacturing Plant in Camden, Arkansas)

“InstaKey® was the best solution on the market for our problems and it is such an easy solution.”

Bryan Williams, Manufacturing Security Manager, Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control
Market Research, February 2003

Case Studies
Toma West Manage Corp.
  Conversion from Corbin 6-Pin Conventional

James Seader, Director of Facilities for Toma West, identified the need for a key system that would not only solve the issue of the obsolete keyway, but that would also provide increased efficiency and a reduction in system operating costs. document iconread more…

Piedmont College
  Conversion from Conventional Cylinders

Campus Security for Piedmont College learned about the InstaKey Security Systems Key Control Solution in early 1999. Piedmont Campus Security had a need to replace a series of outdated and incompatible conventional core keying systems.  document iconread more…

Case Study Submission on Behalf of InstaKey Lock Corporation
  Integrated Key Tracking System Remedies Security at Cape Cod Hospital

For Jack Cherry, security supervisor at Cape Cod Healthcare, a security system with patented keys and real-time record management software was just what the doctor ordered.  document iconread more…

University of Maryland, School of Public Health
  Conversion from SFIC Core Swap

In late 1999, Building Management experienced an incident with a lost Master level key for a campus facility. The resulting cost in material and labor to replace all cores and keys under the compromised Master level key prompted the University of Maryland to begin seriously considering alternatives to their existing mechanical key system.
document iconread more…

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains
  Investing in Key Control

Corporate organizations and executives are constantly stretching to do more in less time. Many administrators are becoming tasked with assuming responsibility over legacy programs with fewer resources,  document iconread more…